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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 2, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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helens today ahead of the first presidential debate now under 36 hours aaway. it appears the winds of change may be shifting around governor romney, who struck a new tone on immigration during an interview with "the denver post" last night. romney told "the denver post," quote, the people who have received the special visa that the president put in place, which is aa two-year visa, should expect the visa would continue to be valid. i'm not going to take something they purchased. this is what governor romney said in june the day after the president issued the executive order. >> i think the action that the president took today makes it more difficult to reach that long-term solution, because an executive order is a short-term matter. it can be reversed by subsequent presidents. >> not reversed if he becomes president. nbc's first read calls it a, quote, tale of two mitts, saying on the one hand you have romney saying in recent interviews he won't revoke the executive action on young, illegal immigrants. that he's the grandfather of
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obama care, and these elm pathetic because he got all massachusetts residents health insurance. on the other hand, one of us saw first hand all the conservative red meat he gave a rally in denver just last night. let me start off with you. ann, you're the journalist. romney was at a rally yesterday, and he started to talk about the keystone pipeline, that kind of red meat that gets the conservative crowd going. but away from the rallies in a recent string of interviews, he's embracing obama care, and now this issue regarding the executive order for young people in this country through no fault of their own allowing them to remain here for two years. >> he's no dummy, and the romney campaign isn't under illusions that people at the rally can't also read the newspaper the next
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day and see what he said in different settings. i think they're trying to do something candidates often do, which is in a set where you have a lot of more conservative supporters and base, you try to rally them. you try on to reach out to independents and the center. the real question is why he didn't try to do that sooner, maybe shortly after the convention or after he locked up the nomination, which is when that takes place. whether he can reach the ears of moderates who might want to hear that on immigration is the open question in my mind. >> that brings me back to the first thing you said out of your mouth. he's no dummy. he knows the political game that was expected to some degree after the primary. let me play what he said monday night in denver. >> this is the home of focus on the family, which is committed to preserving the foundation of america. i'm going to get that pipeline from canada if i have to build it myself. if card check goes in place, it
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will kill america's entrepreneurial economy. the president is bowing to the demands of big labor. >> of all things he's bringing up card check, this red meat for the organization. to your point they're no dummy, but these people don't have to read. we live in a different world than even four years ago, cable news is a strong presence, 24 hour cycle, twitter a stronger presence around. his game plan seems to be behind the curve of what is now modern politics, anne. >> it's funny, i'm old enough to remember a time when candidates went into different places and talk about different issues thinking people wouldn't hear them in different parts of the country. i think he's trying to -- when he's talking about card check, that is a dog whistle to certain members of the republican party. a lot of average voters don't know what that is. it's a union issue. for people who care about the unions and care about the public sector unions we've talked so
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much about, that's a message he's sending specifically to them. he's trying to walk and chew gum at the same time clearly. whether the people on the conservative end are mollified, they truly believe he's a conservatives and whether the moderates believe he's on their side, that's a balancing act we'll have to see whether he pulls off. >> eugene robinson in the "washington post" wrote this. which mitt will show up at the denver debate. he has to erase the impressions left by all the mitt romneys we met earlier and he has to reveal a coherent person, one whom voters imagine as a leader. to eugene's point. how many times can you reintroduce yourself to voters, especially 36 days out now. >> i enjoyed eugene column. i like what brooks wrote in the "new york times" on the same theme. brooks wrote an opening statement for romney to deliver
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tomorrow night. it's mostly fantasy, but it's essentially, tamron, romney say, look, i'm not the idea log i've been running as. i needed to do this to get this far in the process. i think he's the massachusetts mitt and not the inkarn nation that sought the presidency. i'm surprised by the timing. i'm not surprised by the interviews you make reference to. i'm surprised it took that long to get there. the troops don't need more red meat. wild horses could not keep them away from voting against barack obama. he didn't spend enough time in the middle. >> let's bring chris in. he points out some of the vulnerabilities for the president during the debate tomorrow. they talk about the two-minute active ad where he references 100,000 new math and science teachers as well as additional manufacturing jobs in this country. they point out during his second term, how do you break the fever
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or the part zan fever in washington. many democrats dismiss saying mitch mcconnell and others said they would never work with in it president from the day of inauguration. how does he put people back to work and at those jobs that he pointed out in that ad? >> i think he has to lay out exactly what he believes needs to happen in order for these jobs to be created. the one thing about debates -- >> what does he say, then? >> i think he needs to say specifically what type of policies he can push through congress. >> what would those policies be? you're an inside man and know a lot what's going on that the average voter do not. what are the policies? >> the job bills he's proposed and infrastructure spending he's proposed, additional educational spends that he's proposed held up in congress. now the challenge here is the moderator will push both candidates. jim lair is a good moderator. he's very balanced, and i don't
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think he'll let them answer the questions they want. he's going to have to do that. at the same time, the challenge for president obama is not simply get bogged down in the details of his answer, but to then spin around and frame his answer as an attack, if you will, on governor romney and his lack of specifics and an agenda. you have to weave and bob at the same time. that's what a good debater does. >> let me bring in anne. is this a good strategy. you say you promised you would create 1 million new manufacturing jobs and hiring 100,000 math and science teachers and he talked about the jobs bill blokd by republicans and transportation bill blocked by republicans. is that the follow-up? how do you break this fever if it exists to a second term? >> i think chris is right. i think he has to do that to a certain extent. we saw the idea of running against congress work well in the past. congress has a lower approval
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rating than the president or mitt romney at this point. you can do a certain extent of blaming congress, but he has to talk about his own vision or what he would do if he got congress to do it and then turn it back on romney, and say, what would he do? we haven't heard the specifics. bobbing and we'aving is one way to put it as chris did. he'll do all of that. we heard from the advisers they practice giving short answers, so let's see if he can do it in a minute ten. >> or he can do what congressman paul ryan did in the interview with fox news said, i don't have time to finish this out. good grief, people will get bored. i hear people say play up your natural weapons you have, and we know the president has his national weapons and so does mitt romney. what do you see as a high point or something effective for both of them. what are the president's natural weapons going in? >> foreign policy.
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if you said a couple years ago i'd sit here saying the democratic candidate's strong suit is foreign policy, that would take me by surprise. >> the first debate is domestic policy. >> you're absolutely right. i would stick with the jobs numbers and talk about how we're not where we want to be relatively to 100 thousand plus being gained per month but it's better than an 800,000 job loss. people need to be reminded of the numbers. >> and romney's weapons? >> romney's weapon is still that executive card. bain and all, he has to say i've gotten it done in business. i know the liabilities attached to the profile, tamron, but that's the bed he chose and he has to have a private sector-like fix for the economy. >> no time limits on answers, moderator's discretion, domestic policy, at least 90 minutes
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devoted to the economy. we're going to talk about a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll that looks at this debate. do you buy what chris christie said yesterday, this is a game-changer come thursday? >> he was being very truthful. for the romney campaign where they are right now, the national polls tighten a little bit, but the battleground polls is he still has a major problem. it's the narrative killing this campaign, and he has to change that narrative. he has to be extremely aggressive and respectful at the same time while also being elm thettic and delivering specifics. that's a lot to do in a 90-minute debate. i think the challenge for both candidates and where president obama may have a strength. rom knee, i don't know if he does or not, the no time limit. you have no time limit on these answers can be dangerous and an incredible opportunity. >> you can talk yourself in a hole. >> you can talk yourself in a hole, but you can use it to
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frame and box your opponent in. >> we'll see if there's a clear winner. thank you very much, michael. thank you, chris. it's always a pleasure. a huge victory for democrats in pennsylvania in a hard-fought battle against that state's new voter i.d. law for now. a judge in the past few hours blocked the law from goalkeeper into effect. judge simpson ordered the sat not to enforce the voter i.d. requirement in this year's election, but it will go into full effect next year. opponents of the law say it would hurt voter turnover, especially among minorities and the leeld he who are likely to vote for democrats in that state. it was in june that a top state republican lawmaker predicted the law would help governor romney. >> which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> and joining us now, judith brown, diana's co-director of
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the advancement project, a civil rights organization that filed the lawsuit. thank you for your time. we played that state lawmaker who said if that law was in effect in pennsylvania, he felt that governor romney would win that state, done. the polling shows opposite. nevertheless there was a concern. let's talk about the split decision. the judge is blocking it for now, but what happens next? >> well, you know, this is a big victory for democracy. it paves the way for free, fair, and accessible voting. we know that there were hundreds of thousands of people who would have been impacted by this and would not have had the i.d. we're very pleased that, in fact, in november people can vote without that i.d. we will continue to fight this law because we know that in the end that it impacts elderly voters, young voters and people of color and veterans in the state of pennsylvania. >> what's interesting and the
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irony we've been talking about is that there was always a great debate that there was no proof of significant voter fraud, not just in pennsylvania but any state. here the first questionable actions from either side, republicans in florida with an agency it used to gather voter information may have done something wrong or illegal in that state. it's all being investigated. nevertheless, this victory in pennsylvania, do you think it has wings at all or weight? we heard how difficult it was in pennsylvania. it cannot be alone. it's in other states where similar laws are in effect or could take effect. >> i think this case actually does set out that there are serious barriers to people getting these restrictive i.d.s, and that it stands in the way of voting and undermining our democracy. while we continue to think
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there's states to pick up the law, we are setting the record straight. that, in fact, these are barriers, and we need to have open participation. we need to have equal voting, and that we're going to continue to fight these laws as they come up. >> thank you very much, judith. appreciate your time. coming up on "news nation" -- >> i think justice scalia is a very good judge. judge kennedy -- >> he's not going to be there. >> who else can you say, senator? >> that is a problem. >> up and down night for both elizabeth warren and scott brown in the second big debate. if you wonder about the interests in na senate race, listen to this. 5,000 people showed up to watch in person. chuck todd and others have noted that is more than the number of people who often show up for presidential debates. it's a hot one. first, politico's roger simon joins us from denver. he says, quote, the romney
11:15 am
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if you're going to comment on my record -- >> excuse me. i'm not a student in your classroom. please let me respond, okay? thank you. >> we've got a heated, but did it make a difference with the boston globe reporting. 18% of massachusetts voters
11:19 am
undecided in the senate race between brown and warren. with more than 5,000 people inside the arena, thousands more gathered outside. for some supporters on both sides got into their own heated discussions. >> i want somebody to be honest. >> he did 40 times against the job bill. >> the radical right wing of your party. that's what he's going to do. vote against the right-to-work state and everything else. >> if he votes against the jobs bill, every single time, how is that for jobs? >> joining me now is boston globe's editor, cynthia needham. we couldn't hear a lot of what those two gentlemen were saying, but you can see from the finger-pointing and body language they had the signs for the candidate they supported. these people were so interested they showed up yesterday. >> it was a huge number of
11:20 am
people that showed up, and i think -- i don't think there was a major game changer in this debate last night, but i think it obviously ran a lot hotter than the previous debate. a lot of heated exchanges between the candidates and the stuff you talked about happening outside. in some cases a lot of personal attacks. >> town to scott brown. senator brown using the line i'm not one of your students. you can hear the audience. both had certainly what would be described as low points for them. let me play them back-to-back. scott brown on the supreme court, and elizabeth warren or what republican in the senate she could work with. let's play them back to back. >> let me see here. that's a great question. i think justice scalia is a very good judge. judge kennedy. justice kennedy is, obviously, very good and justice roberts.
11:21 am
justice so he hadmyier is qualified people there. >> can you name republicans in the senate today you can work with on big, substantive issues? >> i think probably richard lugar would come to mind. he's not going to be there. >> he's not going to be there. >> who else could you name, senator? >> that is a problem. >> other than they were uncomfortable once the audience reacted, what do we get out of the two situations? >> i think what you qualify them as kind of minor stumbles. neither one was a major mistake, but obvious ly scott brown immediately responding judge scalia chas a conservative fire brand. that doesn't jive with the image he's promoting. you saw him dial it back. he went on to name about half of the court, so i think there were probably -- it was probably a realization there that that was problematic for him. with her, you know, same thing.
11:22 am
i think she realized that lugar was sort of a difficult answer, given that he's not going to be there, but she sort of stumbled over her words a little bit. not major mistakes but things that the other side seized upon and has been running with it today. >> 18% of the voters in the boston globe poll say they're undecid undecided. neither are major mistakes but they feed into a story line. scott brown tries to present himself as independent. he didn't mention the republican party and stressed how independent he is for the party. with elizabeth the warren the concern that many of our backgrounds are valuable in washington right, the concern is can she work with others if the situation presents itself? that feeds into a stereotype or story line i should say about both of them. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, it's 18% this close to the race, a race that's this
11:23 am
tight. that's a large number. that's almost a fifth of voters, and we're entering the final month, which is the final push to win this people. this is a race about winning the independent vote, and they have to get down to business and do that now. >> thank you so much for your time. great pleasure having you on. i think this is the first time you were with us. thank you for making time for us. take care. >> thanks for having me. in the last hour we got a preview of the new poll. how would you answer this question? how important will the presidential debates be in helping you decide who to support? we'll tell you the results of the official nbc news poll. does your answer jive with that? plus, a day in the life of secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i don't mind if they can just figure out how to use their cameras. that is my big problem. >> we'll play more of what the secretary of state was explaining. it's one of the things we thought you should know.
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[ female announcer ] and try aleve for relief from tough headaches. developing news out of ohio. first lady michelle obama is speaking on the first day of early voting in that state. they're speaking to voters about the importance of registering to vote and casting a ballot. about 30% of ohio's total vote or 1.7 million ballots coming in ahead of election day in 2008. we've been following developing news about pennsylvania's voter i.d. law. now the naacp says another group is being shut out as well. people who served time in prison. i'll talk with naacp's president. plus, tony-award winning actor charles dudson. he was convicted manslaughter when he was a teenager and he's the face of this movement. check out the "news nation" tumbler page.
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seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. more now on tomorrow's first presidential debate. there are three things mitt romney must too twoin the presidential debate on wednesday. unfortunately, nobody knows what they are. he says the rom knee campaign is never in a state of disarray. roger simon joins us from the sight of the showdown. denver. people overseming this when i use the world showdown, it took my breath away. i don't know what to expect tomorrow. >> this is the most consciously theatr theatrical part of a presidential campaign. we accept the fact that these two men, these two nominees have
11:32 am
been rehearsing. they've been sitting or standing on mock stages. they've been memorizing lines. they have onpponents acting the part. yet, the trick is to use a consciously theatrical process to convey sincerity. it's tough. if there is a winner, it's going to be the person who does that. >> absolutely. you say that there are three things that can happen at the debate for romney, and two of them will get him in trouble with his party. what do you mean by that? >> well, he can be above the fray. this is what he was. act presidential and calm. this is how he won most of his primary debates. number two, he can emphasize all those issues that people say they want to learn about, and he can be very wonky.
11:33 am
neither of those are going to turn people on. three, he can attack. that is really what the republican party wants. will it work? probably not. it's not really romney's nature to be vicious, but the republican party wants a guy fighting for them. they don't want to see a patsy. if they lose -- >> they want newt gingrich in the primaries? is that what they want, the base or whoever you talk about, they want newt gingrich snapping at the media and kind of performing before the stage, given the theatrics you referenced? >> it's a split personality thing. mitt romney as i've been writing for months is a flawed candidate who won in a weak field. look who came in second. rick santorum. newt gingrich came in third, ron paul came in fourth.
11:34 am
as i wrote that, that's not a field. that's a therapy group. of that group, you know, mitt romney was the most, is the most electable of that group. the process worked. i don't think the republican party can really blame anybody or even themselves for nominating the wrong guy. the trouble is the guy who is the best of the field lacks the common touch that wealthy, privileged people need. franklin roosevelt, privileged, wealthy, had the common touch. john f. kennedy had the common touch. ted kennedy and bobby kennedy did. nelson rockefeller did in new york. mitt romney does not convey that. >> that is such an interesting point, roger, you're making. i believe a lot has been lost whether you talk about wealth
11:35 am
and affluence. it does not equate an absence of empathy as he says in the case of health care law in massachusetts. that does not void you of concern for common man or require you to have the assumption that those who are not successful, let's say, the 47%, are not wealthy because they are not doing something right and you are wealthy because you have this magic touch or somehow you worked harder than the guy who lives on the other side of the tracks. >> that's the problem. the problem with governor romney is not that he's a heartless man or a beast or a mean guy. it's his view of how people should succeed. everybody should lift him or herself up by their bootstraps, even if they can't afford boots, they should work hard, save their money, start a small business. if they don't have the money to go to college, they should borrow it from their parents.
11:36 am
it's not a realistic view for many people. his 47% statement had an unintentional aspect of cruelty. people expect food. they expect food from their government. well, you know, tamron, call me carl marx, but i believe the richest nation on earth should provide food to the old, to the young, to the disabled, to the mentally disturbed. the people who can't earn enough money to buy their own food. come on. we can do that. that's not mitt romney's view. i think it is difficult to sell his view to a majority of voters. >> we will see tomorrow how he explains that comment and his view for the rest of the country who do not make millions of dollars but certainly deserve a voice. thank you very much, roger. a pleasure having you on. the possible impact of the debates is part of the nbc
11:37 am
news/"wall street journal" poll that debuts tonight on "nightly news." how important will the presidential debates be in helping you decide who to support for president? 38% said extremely, while the majority, 62%, said somewhat and not much. mark murray, is that in line with what we've seen when that question is posed before? >> it's an increase in the people that say it's important to them and their vote than we saw in 2004 and 2000. you could make the argument people are paying more attention to the debates than in the past. however, i would stress that 60%, 6 in 10 say this won't impact my vote that much. as we've seen in survey after survey, the number of undecided voters keeps on going down. >> that's the question we have right now. there are more questions that will be revealed later. i know you saw some of the information, if not all of it. do we have a better insight into
11:38 am
this debate that will explain maybe some of the answers we get from the president and governor romney tomorrow? >> you know, we've seen all these surveys, tamron, that have been taken over the past week or so that show very stashl data. just two polls that came out yesterday in the last 24 hours. cnn shows president obama around 49% to 50%. mitt romney in the mid-40s or so. so that's actually been a very stable race so far. it will be interesting to see if our own nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows that same type of margin. and i will say and our pollsters make this point to us how stable this contest has been. we've remarked how it didn't change that much in the spring and summer. it changed a little bit in the conventions, but stability is probably going to be the one word we remember from this presidential race when we look back on it. >> wow. mark, thank you very much. great pleasure. i can't wait to see the rest of the results from in new poll on "nightly news" tonight.
11:39 am
thanks, mark. >> thank. >> we mentioned at the top of the hour a judge in pennsylvania put a temporarily hold on a tough voter i.d. law ordering it not be enforced in this year's presidential election. there's another large group of potential voters, 4.5 million people according to a new report, who are not allowed to vote. their felons who served time in jail. almost half of those affected are african-american. the naacp is launching a campaign to restore voting rights to those felons. joining me right now is the naacp president. a lot of african-american lawmakers, but this came up during the fox news debate, january 16th, the republican primary. rick santorum actually took it on governor romney. let me play what happened during that time. >> the bill i voted on was the martin luther king voting rights bill. this was a provision that particularly targeted
11:40 am
african-americans, and i voted to allow them to have their voting rights back once they completed their sentence. >> governor romney, 30 seconds to respond. >> i don't think people who have committed violent crimes should be allowed to vote again. that's my own view. >> rick santorum was calling out romney on that saying he changed his position there. this is not just kept in the confines of black community or within the democratic party. >> no, that's right. rick santorum is for this. jeb bush and charlie crist made it happen in florida. governor scott turned the clock back and took the right to vote back from formerly incarcerated people. it's outrageous. this is a kuncountry where we believe voting is a right and we believe all people should have a second chance. the notion that a sigts governor like governor scott would undo
11:41 am
what his republican colleague just did, roll the clock back and take the vote away from tens of thousands of formerly incarcerated people who could stroet vote in two-thirds of the states in this country are outrageous. that's why we push this issue here and across the country. >> florida, virginia, iowa and kentucky are the only states where former felons don't automatically get their rights back after serving their sentences. we were looking at pennsylvania, and you had elderly people there, and in wisconsin came out and said i've been voting my he whole life. i'm 88 and 90 years old, and now i can't vote. latino voters say i'm put under this requirement possibly that cannot be obtained. i cannot get my i.d. under these circumstances. is it harder to get people to support felons in some cases who have been convicted of obviously violent crimes? is that part of the roadblock at all or not?
11:42 am
>> yeah. what helps here is for folks to really focus on just what a wide swath of people and month gets impacted. you know, we heard from charles dutton today on the tv show "the rock" back in the '90s who for 31 years after he got out of prison could not vote paying millions of dollars and talking about how he was subjected to taxation without representation even after he served his time. it helps folks to focus on the history. these laws were put in place for a reason. they were put in place as a wave right after the civil war. in states like virginia you talked about earlier it said quite plainly the person that made the argument for this law in 1901 made it very plain. he said because of this law, the darky will be zeroed out as a factor in our state's politics in five years and he said how he would support white supremacy as a norm across the state. these laws were never about
11:43 am
ex-felon bans but affecting the black vote. here's in florida the first governor to expand the use pushed it in 1865. it was for him about pushing off negro suffrage. that's what we're dealing with here, is a vestage of jim crow we have to get rid of. >> thank you so much for your time. greatly appreciate it, ben. >> thank you. football legend john elway introduces governor romney to a crowd of supporters last night. now the owner of the jets said he would rather see romney win the election than have a winning football season. i'll talk with the author of a new book" game over: how politics have turned the sports world upside-dowupside-down." cheap gas is an anti-obama campaign in one side. they arrange for people to buy
11:44 am
gas at 1$18.0184 c $1.84. they held a cheap gas stunt in iowa last week. ever wonder what it's like to walk around new york city if you're the secretary of state? a lot of people stop hillary clinton and ask for a photograph, and here's what happens next. >> i don't mind if they can just figure out how to use their cameras. that is my big problem. i am more than happy to stop for 30 seconds to take a picture, but what happens invariably is people get so nervous, they can't figure out how to make the camera work. and then i've got people trying to help them to get their camera to work, but nevertheless. >> finally, ahead of their husband's debates tomorrow, michelle obama and ann romney have already gone head to head in a kitchen match for family circle's annual cookie bakeoff. the first ladies white and dark
11:45 am
chocolate chip cookie bite ann romney's m&m's cooks by 287 folks. family circle says it's a bellwether in four of five elections. those are the things we thought you should know. [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment
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check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. big names in sports are throwing their names behind their candidates. john elway was with governor romney last night. >> i get the opportunity to introduce to you the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> and new york jets owner woody johnson, a tough fund-raiser for governor romney. he was asked yesterday if he'd rather have a winning season for his team or see romney in the white house. he said, quote, i think you always have to put country first. so i think it's very, very
11:49 am
important that this election come off with mitt romney and paul ryan as president and vice president. da dive writes for "the nation," and how politics will turn it upside-down. what do you make of the remark there? >> as someone that grew up a jets fan, i find it disturbing. one of the things that woody johnson's comments do, though, is it comments you have two sets of worlds in the sports world in the politics. there's owners as well as team executive. john he will welway is the teamt of the broncos, and a different rule for players, particularly nfl players who have nonguaranteed contracts and take their future into their own hand when they make political statements. >> they're millionaires too, aren't they? >> if mark sanchez said i would rather have barack obama win than have a winning season for the jets, tim tebow would be the
11:50 am
starting quarterback before the sun went down. >> you think so? mark sanchez is dating eva longoria and she's a supporter for president obama. you think there would that kind of payback for that? >> let us applaud mark sanchez on the political sacrifice of dating eva longoria. what a move of principle that must be. the second point is, yeah, we do know this. john elway, the team he's associated with, the denver broncos, when mike shanahan was the coach of the broncos and now he's the coach in washington, d.c., they had actually a team rule about players not bringing politics into the locker room. there's a double standard what howard cosell called rule number one, the option that sports and politics cannot mix. >> in your book you say the politics have turned the sports world upside-down. how so? >> what we've seen in recent years is more and more athletes
11:51 am
using their hype rexaulted to the world. you saw the worst teams with the attitude. the miami heat, the must mali maligned lebron james opposed with hoodies after the murder of trayvon martin. i believe carmelo anthony's twitter page says i am trayvon martin. they did an entire basketball camp and dinner to raise money for barack obama that included anlt any and paul pierce and one of the people who was a ann owner. one that sponsored that event is michael jordan, who is often times is the anti-political athle athlete. >> that's a great point. i can't wait to read your book. see you soon. >> yes. the death of a border patrol agent on the arizona border tops our look at stories around the
11:52 am
nation today. one agent was killed and another wounded in the shooting. they were on horseback patrolling the u.s./mexico border southeast of tucson. they were investigating an alarm triggered by one of the many sensors along the border. no suspects has been identified. american airlines said another plane had passenger seats that came loose during a flight. american says it happened last week on a flight to colorado from dallas/ft. worth. two other flights had similar problems this past week. american is inspecting its jets with similar seating. american officials say the loose seats are not an act of sabotage. next in today's "news nation" gut check, how important is the upcoming presidential debate be in helping you decide who to support? that's one of the official questions, but you get to answer it now in gut check. we'll be right back and you can join the "news nation" on facebook at
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it's time for the gut check. we want to know what your answer is to the question we posted. how important will the upcoming presidential debate be in helping you to decide who you will support? what does your gut tell you? go to on to cast the vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." tomorrow former pennsylvania governor ed rendell will join the "news nation." "the cycle" is up next. that was me still taking insulin
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